The network claimed it had been an accident.

British documentary uses false gaming footage to allege connection between Gaddafi and IRA When British tv channel ITV was recently caught trying to peddle fake gaming footage as if it was real footage of Irish Republican Army fighters shooting down a British helicopter, the network claimed it had been an ‘accident. ‘ But to the rest of the world, the stunt represents the complete lack of competence, or a poorly-wrought indictment of the mainstream media’s obvious use of propaganda to promote plans. ABC News in Australia reports that ITV has apologized for using footage from the video simulation game Arma II in a recent documentary about Col. Muammar Gaddafi, the now-deposed previous ruler of Libya, and his alleged reference to IRA forces. But this does not explain the way the network were able to ‘accidentally’ put the artificial footage instead of genuine footage, which it statements actually exists.#8 Tell the truth about anti-cancer nutrients in public service announcements Want to prevent cancer in America? Almost 4 out of 5 cancers can be prevented with Vitamin D alone, which is true among men and women with dark skin color especially. But the cancer industry remains silent upon this issue, preferring to keep black men and women nutritionally illiterate rather than allowing them to examine and learn the truth about how exactly they may be empowered with free nutrients that can prevent and actually reverse cancer. The malignancy industry is an industry of immense evil, operated much like the Bush Administration’s war-mongering machine, keeping people trapped in fear and false information while destroying their lives and health.