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In simple terms, these molecular diagnostic lab tests, requiring only a bloodstream sample, could be more accurate and less invasive than many traditional cancer screening methods personally. Arrayit’s patented microarray making technology and Variation Identification Platform procedures, deployed in medical reference and laboratories centers, can handle testing entire population organizations. Arrayit personalized medical tests for pre-symptomatic ovarian malignancy recognition, H1N1 screening, and Parkinson’s Disease diagnostics represent just a few of the collaborative milestones shortly to be announced.. Arrayit Corporation joins authorities in their efforts to help control health care costs Arrayit Corporation is very happy to join the federal government in their attempts to help control health care costs by leveraging Arrayit’s leading edge healthcare platform.These little adjustments called mutations can happen spontaneously or they are generally induced by a few environmental agents. Normally, the mutation occurs in a person’s genome though the body somehow carries a proof reading mechanism that detects and fixes those mistakes. The remedy Cancer is a huge widespread problem for more than 100 years today. It presents a open public health danger worldwide. The nagging problem remains because of vague etiology, insufficient early diagnostic treatment, plus a secure and effective treatment technique.