Its rather a life-or-loss of life decision truly.

‘Mattresses that are safe for babies have to be flat and very firm, which can be uncomfortable for adults. Also, we have pillows usually, blankets and sheets that aren’t safe for infants,’ said Martin.. American Academy of Pediatrics expands sleep safety guidelines Creating a sleep environment for a child is much more than choosing a fairly blanket; it’s rather a life-or-loss of life decision truly. ‘Sleep is really important for all those, but especially for infants. It’s when kids grow. The nervous system gets an opportunity to rest and assimilate all the new encounters and information the infant has learned during the day,’ said Lisa Martin, MD, Loyola University Health Program pediatrician and associate professor of pediatrics at Loyola University Chicago Stritch College of Medicine.Bogoch and his colleagues, who include scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and the Swiss Community and Tropical Wellness Institute in Basel, believe that a cellular phone microscope may likely be of medical use when it’s sensitive enough to identify 80 % of infections. Plus they note that there are fresh approaches to cellular phone microscopes under advancement that should meet or go beyond this threshold. I'm confident that in the near future we will see cellular phone microscopes trusted in low-resource settings, Bogoch said.