Today in BMJ researchers reported.

Within an accompanying commentary, however, Usha Chakravarthy, an opthamologist at the Royal Victoria Medical center in Belfast, UK, notes that the study does not answer fully the question of whether Avastin is certainly equally or more effective than Lucentis. As such, she advises doctors not to hurry off to prescribe Avastin until the results of two huge trials testing the medicines head-to-mind for macular degeneration are announced. Image: NIH.. A cheap cancer drug improves vision in people with a debilitating form of sight loss referred to as wet age-related macular degeneration, today in BMJ researchers reported. The drug, sold beneath the brand name Avastin, is not approved to take care of vision loss, but is still used off-label as an inexpensive alternative to the drug Lucentis widely, both of which are sold by Genentech.A far more radical idea is now being tested by experts in Puerto Rico. In the scholarly research a number of women that are pregnant have their vaginal microbiota screened before their planned Caesarean. After the birth the midwife requires a compress with secretions from the mom's vagina and smears it more than the baby's face. The idea is that in this manner the important bacteria may be transferred to the child. An identical study in Sweden has been planned. Besides a larger diversity in their intestinal flora, kids shipped vaginally in the Link-ping study also had higher blood plasma levels of substances linked to Th1 cells, a kind of chief cells in the immune system, which can inhibit allergic immune responses.