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Reports his clinical success in the use of LOW LEVEL Laser beam THERAPY to take care of FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME in the April 2010 problem of Fibromyalgia Aware Dr. Filner sits on the National Advisory Plank. Dr. Filner has been in the forefront of the practice of Pain Management for the past 22 years, and an anesthesiologist for the prior 18 years .. Clinical success of LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY to take care of FMS reported in Fibromyalgia Aware Fibromyalgia is a condition where the brain processes pain in an abnormal way, resulting in chronic, widespread muscular-skeletal pain and chronic fatigue.From these fundamental questions Apart, consider answering the next questions too: 1. Are you using the cardio machine only or several others shall be using it? 2. Will the gear be a permanent fixture or not really? 3. Exactly what will be the engine size, deck size, portability, program options, etc The next matter to be certain of is the vendor. With the rivals springing up increasingly more, it is a hard task to be certain of your vendor indeed. The market of piracy can be upfront with lots of fake/copied brand names in order to generate profits from the seller’s name. Under such scenario you need to watchful over your purchasing dealer. At the moment, there are three areas appropriate for buying cardio equipment that confirms delivery of genuine products. * Specialty Stores * Online Retailers * Supermarkets – Specialty Store Specialty stores offer durable promises and items quality.