Today the Ontario Council of Medical center Unions charged.

‘CUPE’s hospital regional union representatives will fulfill the following month to discuss how exactly to respond to the devastating announcements in the throne speech. I really believe that hospital workers will react proactively to guard their individuals from these ‘reforms’,’ Hurley stated.. CUPE: Ontario federal government undermines most efficient hospital system in Canada The Ontario government is undermining the most effective medical center system in Canada and laying the groundwork for a private hospital system, today the Ontario Council of Medical center Unions charged. Ontario Council of Hospital Unions/CUPE President Michael Hurley stated today that ‘hospital employees have been working in a world of restructuring and reorganization for the last 30 years.A cure that is well-known in Siberia, Russia, and other northern Europe may be the humble Chaga mushroom. They are known to become a robust health booster. However, these were practically unheard of in the West until Alexander Solzhenitsyn published his novel Cancer Ward. In the book, the protagonist was experiencing cancer and could overcome the deadly disease by ingesting extracts of the mushroom. His book gained more popularity when news broke out that it was an autobiographical account of the author’s knowledge with the disease.