Coca-Cola is getting ready to to push out a premium milk drink called Fairlife.

Coca-Cola‘s ads, which feature a group of photos depicting skinny, brunette and blonde women wearing nothing more than a splash of milk, has been called sexist by some. Captioned, ‘Drink What She’s Putting on’ and ‘Better Milk Looks Good On You,’ The Guardian describes the campaign as a stage backwards with regards to objectifying women through advertising. ‘As though the images themselves weren’t insulting enough, these captions enhance the sexist undertones of a note intended to focus on health and nutrition supposedly,’ wrote The Independent’s Ylva Johannesson in a critique titled, ‘Do we really need pinup girls to market us drinks?’ The Daily Dot called the ad gross ‘appallingly.’ Already, Coca-Cola’s Fairlife can be off to tough start; however, only time will whether the company that’s been slammed because of its unethical practices world-wide will be able to convince consumers to get their new milk beverage.Israeli Patent Number 153848 empowers Arrayit to build up and commercialize economical diagnostic testing for important medical conditions including human illnesses. Arrayit Corporation CEO, Rene Schena, stated, We are very happy to obtain patent safety for our VIP technology in Israel. .

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