000 students have refused to enroll at ACC because of the vaccination requirements.

Other nonreligious groups and people state philosophical exemptions to refuse vaccines also claiming links between vaccination and neurological illnesses like autism. RIGHT HERE, the New South Wales Supreme Court struck down the state’s Health Care Complaints Commission when they wrongly issued a public warning against the anti-vaccination group, the Australian Vaccination Network . The HCCC caution stated that the AVN didn’t disclose on its website that the group’s purpose was to supply anti-vaccination info. Vaccinations have already been a controversial subject matter for over 200 years. Statistics show that almost all reduction in infectious diseases occurred before widespread vaccines for all those illnesses. The same reductions in disease also happened in countries where there have been no widespread vaccination applications of any sort, and in the same time period for diseases that never had vaccines introduced.Not so anymore. Who’s polluting God’s sky and ultimately the atmosphere we breathe? Is it a military action? Could it be unknowing commercial airliners? Is it multinational companies? Could it be private aircraft owners? Is it a means of subtle depopulation or could it be a method to modify the elements simply? Whatever the inspiration, shouldn’t the general public be informed of the potentially destructive methods? Why are they occurring correct above our noses and without our consent? Some sources say that lithium is among the components being sprayed through the entire air, yet in the same breath, officials counter with the declaration that lithium is only being used to review certain wind patterns.