There is no true home care for a broken elbow.

Apply an ice pack or cool compress to the swollen region. Transporting a person with a suspected damaged elbow needs immobilization the fracture whenever you can. Even a cardboard box, cut to the right size and shape, can be used as a splint. Do not attempt to straighten a broken bone. Allow a health care provider or educated medical person attempt to straighten the elbow. Do not attempt to press a damaged bone back to place if it’s sticking out of your skin. Adjusting an arm that appears deformed may worsen the damage to bones or other structures within the elbow.. Broken Elbow Self-Care at Home People should seek medical attention if they think their elbow is broken.You shall find yourself happier and healthier, all because you decided on nutrition. It won’t come easily initially, but be patient and come back to this content, as needed.

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