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‘These results help us understand which individuals may be more or much less likely to respond to therapy and allow us to spotlight other ways we are able to target cereblon as a possible biomarker to boost treatment and patient outcomes in multiple myeloma. This work also shows that we can begin to dissect out the cause of birth defects from the anti-cancers properties and develop safer medications later on.’.. Cereblon protein now keeps hope in fight against multiple myeloma Research on the same proteins that was a primary mediator of the birth defects caused by thalidomide now holds hope in the battle against multiple myeloma, claim Mayo Clinic researchers who also presented results of several clinical trials at the 53nd annual conference of the American Society of Hematology Dec.The nutrition plan should feature phytonutrient wealthy vegetables and herbs and low-glycemic fruit like berries and lemons. Regular exercise is very important to improving breathing mechanicsHigh strength cardiovascular exercise and weight training exercise is important for people with sleep apnea. Intensive training where the individual functions up to 90+ % of their heartrate for intervals challenges their respiratory system to be stronger and better. Weight training exercise enhances muscle power and improves the the respiratory system to operate well under elevated intrathoracic pressure.