ScreenCell enter collaboration contract for imaging of CTC BioView Ltd.

Our objective in designing ScreenCell systems was to make a universal system, not really limited to recognition of cells of non-epithelial origin and free from any bias potentially from the usage of antibodies for cell catch, stated David Znaty, CEO of ScreenCell. Our goal is to aid a breakthrough in individualized medication by creating a noninvasive evaluation of particular therapeutic targets and ‘genuine time’ monitoring of focus on evolution which we highly believe will become facilitated by merging ScreenCell and BioView systems. .. BioView, ScreenCell enter collaboration contract for imaging of CTC BioView Ltd.‘In the centre of the problem may be the government’s severely flawed Medicare physician payment formula that defies logic and ignores economic reality,’ said Dr. Wilson. ‘Medicare payments for physicians and other health professionals are linked with the U.S. Gross domestic product . But the condition of our economy – boom or bust – doesn’t modify our seniors’ need for health care.’ ‘We are motivated by the introduction of this legislation that could replace the current flawed Medicare method with one that better means that payment rates keep up with the increasing costs of practicing medication,’ stated Dr.