Articles discuss usage of ICF in clinical practice.

It serves as a framework for the explanation of health insurance and disability states, very much as the ICD-10 does for disorders, injuries, and diseases. ‘It really is our hope that these articles will broaden and deepen our knowledge of ICF and could serve as an motivation for clinicians and researchers within their ambition to develop the use of ICF and for upcoming research.’ This thematic concern provides explicit types of how the ICF can be applied within neurorehabilitation and how the ICF can increase our knowledge of the possibilities that lie within this framework. The articles also highlight certain challenges and limitations with ICF and the necessity for future research. The authors are experienced in the area of ICF and have contributed to the knowledge transfer in various disciplines.You may even say they are the get better at keys to unlocking lifelong wellness. If a disease is similar to something locked in a vault where you do not know the mixture, this book is similar to a set of get better at keys that bypass the mixture dial and unlocks the doorway to unlimited wellness possibilities. Or, to say this another way, this is not a book that’s simply about how in order to avoid chronic disease or reverse significant health conditions; that is a written reserve about ways to increase your vitality so you live a healthier, more vigorous and more vibrant lifestyle! As the reserve explains, ‘Vitality isn’t a physical attribute.