CMAJ: As there is job pension plan.

CMAJ: As there is job pension plan, there must be driving retirement plan Public safety should win against personal choice especially when it involves elderly seniors who shouldn’t travel, states an editorial in CMAJ Seniors can be the safest drivers but that decreases with age group as an increasing number of medical conditions can lower a person’s ability to drive. By 2025, one in four Canadians will end up being 65 or older.What they discovered was that treatment for those monitored through either test was more costly because of the price of laboratory monitoring. For CD4+ monitoring the costs were lower , and offset some by a reduced dependence on expensive second series antiretroviral drugs. The analysis also showed that viral load screening provided little or no clinical benefit over monitoring CD4+ counts only and CD4+ counts proved to provide a substantial benefit at a modest cost. The analysis estimated a price of $174 per added healthy year of life for using the CD4+ test, versus a lot more than $5,000 per added healthy calendar year of lifestyle for viral load monitoring.