Chocolate As Health Food?

Chocolate is very calorie-dense. Two out of three Americans are already either overweight or obese, so the last thing we want is for people to think they should eat more chocolate. The evidence just isn’t there yet. Recent research has not established a connection between flavanols and a lower life expectancy threat of heart or cancers disease, she said. A paper published by the American Center Association concluded that chocolate contains chemicals, including flavanols, that have the potential to reduce heart disease. Nonetheless it added researchers do not know enough about flavanols to make dietary recommendations still.Because the majority of the failures happened in short bursts, the researchers decided they could improve sensing reliability by over-sampling, that is, taking measurements at a rate higher than the main one specified by medical needs. The easiest method to cope with disconnections, they chose, was to send out an alarm if data failed to arrive for 10 or 15 minutes, a threshold that could result in an alarm price low enough not to burden the nursing staff. Lu says he was frequently asked why the team built another network instead of using the Wi-Fi network Barnes-Jewish lately installed for the convenience of their doctors and patients.