Cedars-Sinai symposium to go over latest findings on stem cell treatments for diabetes.

The symposium is being hosted by the Cedars-Sinai Regenerative Medicine Institute, led by Clive Svendsen, PhD. The institute brings basic scientists with specialist clinicians collectively, physician researchers and translational researchers across multiple medical specialties to convert fundamental stem cell studies to therapeutic regenerative medicine. FEATURED RESEARCH: The symposium’s morning program will feature an overview of the current state of stem cells and diabetes, including efforts to start out the first medical trials with stem cells for the treatment of diabetes.Other sluggish delivery systems are becoming tested however they all require major eye medical procedures and the risks of complications are high. The eye port, in contrast, is firmly attached to the outside of the attention under the thin, filmy conjunctiva, or covering of the eyeball. The optical eye port gradually releases the drug to pass through the wall of the attention, where in fact the retina is reached because of it and vitreous. The device is indeed small the patient should feel little or no discomfort, and it generally does not hinder regular vision.