California regulator calls Aetna price hike unreasonable for hemangioma in infant.

California regulator calls Aetna price hike ‘unreasonable’; Maricopa County hikes premiums for stealth smokers California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones used authority, granted under a year-old state law, to contact out the rates while unreasonable. In Arizona, Maricopa County raised premiums on hundreds of county employees who either failed a saliva screening for nicotine or refused to take it. Los Angeles Times: Aetna Raises Health Insurance Rates For Small Companies Aetna LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE Co for hemangioma in infant .

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The authors say that previous studies show that spirometry is often not really performed on smokers or patients presenting with symptoms. This has led to an underestimation of the world-wide prevalence of COPD, as well as missed opportunities for early treatment. ‘All lines of evidence overwhelmingly demonstrate that the identification of smokers can also be useful, not only to detect a significant quantity of smokers with COPD but also to improve awareness about COPD, to avoid its advancement, to encourage smoking cessation and to lower the potential threat of death,’ they conclude in Respiratory Medicine.