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Specifically, this article shows how medication pushing – not science – appears to have been the motivation behind a study that supposedly was tests the medication Neurontin , currently trusted to treat nerve pain. The check was allegedly designed to document how various dosages could treat epilepsy. But it turns out the trial was create to ‘seed’ the outcomes to be able to sell the drug, much like a cards shark might stack a deck of cards to be able to cheat at a game of poker.A number of proven benefits of chiropractic are defined below to help you decide whether this type of treatment is correct for you and your condition. Psychological Benefits In Lexington, Chiropractic treatment sessions leave the majority of the patients with a feeling of relief and relaxation. Initially, you may feel some slight pain or irritation because your joints are getting put into proper positions as well as your range of movement is being increased. As their condition begins to improve plus they feel less distress and pain in their muscles and joints, patients frequently begin to feel even more self-confident and have a higher sense of self-esteem.