As election time nears.

Tom Daschle and conservative health care analyst Avik Roy to explore the plans advanced by President Barack Obama and GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Romney targets some of these themes in a new ad incorporating video from this week's city hall debate. Kaiser Health Information: Video: Weighing The Effect Of MEDICAL ISSUES On Advertising campaign 2012 Kaiser Health Information hosts a dialogue on the Obama and Romney plans with previous Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle and conservative health care analyst Avik Roy, followed by a reporters' roundtable with KHN's Mary Agnes Carey and Sarah Varney, Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post and Politico's Jonathan Allen .When bacterias invade an pet or human, they need to acquire iron to determine an infection, Klebba stated. ‘A microbiological war is certainly going on in the sponsor cells,’ Klebba said. ‘The sponsor is trying to avoid the microbe from obtaining iron. The microbe is wanting to obtain the iron using proteins that may essentially discover their environment, get iron and internalize it in to the bacterial cell.’ In the most recent research, the researchers used site-directed spectroscopic evaluation of E.