Chinese authorities praise HIV/AIDS advocate Gao after preventing her from coming to U.

To accept an award from the group Vital Voices Global Partnership, the AP/International Herald Tribune reports . According to Gao’s friend and Beijing-based Helps advocate Hu Jia, Chinese authorities from the eastern province Henan informed Gao not to attend the Vital Voices awards ceremony. When Gao refused, she was place under house arrest to avoid her from planing a trip to Beijing to use for a U.S. Visa, Hu said. Gao’s family and friends were blocked from visiting her or had been questioned before being provided permission to go to, and her child was placed under law enforcement surveillance, Hu stated.Dr Vivienne Nathanson, Head of Research and Ethics at the BMA, called on the united kingdom Government and the worldwide community to deal with the numerous problems raised in the survey: ‘Regardless of the huge reputation of air travel, medical issues for air passengers have already been largely overlooked. While some valuable function has been carried out, this report demonstrates much more study is necessary on key problems such as for example DVT if medical researchers and the general public alike are to comprehend and counter the medical dangers posed by flying. ‘The BMA welcomes recent Authorities moves to monitor study into these problems. If air passengers’ wellness is to be correctly protected however, far better regulation on in-airline flight medical apparatus, and quality of personnel training on delivering crisis care, is vital.