With childhood obesity rates reaching unprecedented levels.

To greatly help address this essential question and get to know the factors linked to childhood obesity, experts at Oklahoma State University and the University of Arkansas studied 1139 first-graders in 29 rural schools where obesity risk is especially high. Specifically, they examined their hypothesis that obese and obese children are more disliked than their classmates. This study was essential because, although there is evidence that obesity bears with it a stigma, it has been studied primarily by using hypothetical questions. And it has hardly ever been tested by straight asking children just how much they loved each of their classmates, and certainly not among children as young as six years aged.Previous research have linked high degrees of another cyclooxygenase enzyme, COX-2, to colorectal and various other cancers. But this is actually the exception, said Dey, professor of Cell & Developmental Biology and Pharmacology also. These outcomes establish the building blocks for further research and scientific trials using the novel strategy of targeting COX-1 for the avoidance and treatment of ovarian malignancy, the experts concluded. Dey said additional studies should be executed to determine whether aspirin and various other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, which block both COX enzymes, might improve treatment of epithelial ovarian cancers.