Says new research published in the Uk Journal of Cancer.

Kate Rules, director of clinical trials at Cancer Research UK, said: Previously it has been unclear what the best way to treat pancreatic malignancy is. But, these results reinforce previous trial results and show definitely that chemotherapy after surgery offers the best hope for patients who have operable pancreatic cancer. Malignancy Research UK recently launched a five yr strategy to specifically focus on cancers with poor survival prices such as pancreatic cancer. Huge advancements have been made in beating cancer over the past thirty years. But improvement has been faster in a few certain areas than others. The strategy focuses our interest on those areas which will have the greatest effect on reducing tumor deaths later on and on attaining our goals.Ariboflavinosis – Vitamin B2 deficiency What vitamin B2 will? * Flavin coenzymes are essential for cellular energy production via the respiratory chain and so are involved in oxidation-reduction reaction . Flavin coenzymes are crucial in the advancement of redox reactions in metabolic pathways of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. * Flavin coenzymes are extremely important in the conversion of pyridoxine and folic acid in active forms and transformation of tryptophan into niacin * Vitamin B2 is an essential antioxidant with defense part in attacks * Riboflavin helps normal development procedure and participates in the formation of erythrocytes , the synthesis of glycogen, steroids and adrenaline * Helps maintain membranous mucosal integrity, skin, nails, locks and eye and is involved with cell reproduction * Includes a role in normal functioning of the nervous system If misses.