Including seven from Arizona State University.

Article explores great things about innovative programs for personalized healthcare Two innovative programs designed to improve the availability of emerging medical technologies that will help patients receive more effective, efficient and personalized healthcare are advanced in a commentary compiled by a united team of scientists and policy experts, including seven from Arizona State University, today in Science Translational Medicine and published. The March 13 article, ‘Regulatory and Reimbursement Innovation,’ explores the benefits of coverage with proof development and parallel review for the regulation and reimbursement of molecular diagnostics.

Art exhibit with lights closed after seizure reports strobe An art installation in Pittsburgh was shut down after 3 people reportedly had seizures while going to the exhibit. CBS station KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pa. Reported that Zee by Kurt Hentschalger, which features strobe lamps, was indefinitely closed following the latest incident on Friday. EMS systems told KDKA said these were called to the exhibit 3 x over the weekend due to patrons having seizures. Two people had to become taken to the medical center, and one person was treated on scene. A seizure is definitely a collection of symptoms that take place when there is an irregular surge of electric activity in the mind.