Today announced that Cerner Corp.

Cerner expands usage of Jive’s enterprise collaboration solutions to improve healthcare delivery Jive Software, Inc. today announced that Cerner Corp., a worldwide leader in healthcare technology, has expanded its use of Jive's enterprise collaboration and communication solutions. Cerner's 93,000-member community, called ‘uCern,’ uses Jive-n to enable industry-wide collaboration that assists clinicians systemically strive to improve healthcare delivery.William Schaffner, past president. Finelli put into USA Today that seniors may not get a fever if they develop flu, unlike younger people. ‘The elderly have to be aware that they don’t necessarily get yourself a fever if they get influenza. So when seniors have a cough, body and muscle aches or headaches and they just feel really knocked out, they need to contact their doctors and get in and get treated,’ Finelli said. The CDC’s complete flu survey for the week ending Feb. 9 are available on its website.

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